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Our Story

Thanks for visiting Harlow & Hazel! 

I had the pleasure of working seven years with an amazing team! Our company's ownership changed several times throughout the years, as companies do, and I found myself without warning, unemployed. So the inevitable, "what's next?" I knew that I wanted a change and after one too many glasses of wine with a friend, Harlow & Hazel was born! 

Within a couple weeks I had a new-gig and I'm loving every minute of it! My amazing husband, mother and team of the greatest girlfriends (you know who you are) have set us in motion! 

We started out traveling and showcasing our items at various trade shows in and around Houston. We are completely BLESSED and so excited to now be featured inside ARTURO'S HAIR SALON. 

I hope that you love Harlow & Hazel as much as we do!